Mint Palina Cardigan • Size 4 - 6

Mint Palina Cardigan • Size 4 - 6

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Tailored + fitted, classic + romantic, the Palina Cardigan was inspired by Polish fashion designer + tailor Palina Karnei. This versatile little cardigan will take you from day to night, work to weekend, library to date night.

Handknit from hand-dyed superwash merino, this cardigan has been made with love + attention. It will be a cherished staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

The body of this cardigan is fitted + tailored, while the short puffed sleeves float off the shoulder.

Note: Vest version is shown only to demonstrate fit on a human body -- this is a cardigan, *not* a vest.


• 4 - 6

• Bust 32-36" (80-90 cm)
• Waist 26-30" (65-75 cm)
• High Hip 32-36" (80-90 cm)

Cardigan Measurements:

• 32"/26"/32" (80/65/80 cm) at Bust/Waist/High Hip

Model Measurements:

• 36"/30"/36" (90/75/80 cm) Bust/Waist/High Hip
• Wears a 34B bra

Dressform Measurements:

• 35"/26"/35" (89/65/89 cm) Bust/Waist/High Hip


• This sweater is made from 13.5 oz (383 g) of hand-dyed superwash merino wool from Malabrigo.


• This sweater can be gently hand washed in cool water, and laid flat to dry.
• Alternatively, this sweater can be machine washed on cool, then laid flat to dry

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